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Office Executives is a specialist outsourced office support service company based in Johannesburg. Delegating your company’s Office Management, Executive Secretarial, HR, Payroll, Bookkeeping and Commercial Support Services needs to us is the solution to relieving you from spending hours behind a desk instead of with your customer.

At Office Executives we understand that not every business needs a dedicated specialist in every area. We provide specialised office support services for your business when it needs us, for as much time as it needs us.


We offer the following services:



Delegating your office support services to Office Executives saves you time and money. Ensuring efficient allocation of essential resources is the advantage you need to build your business to its next level of success. 





Updated: 11 February 2016


Please note the Companies Act of 2008 came into effect on the 1st of May 2011 and will replace the current Companies Act of 1973. The following are important aspects:

  • No new CC’s will be registered as of the 1st of May 2011.
  • Provision has also been made for CC’s to convert to companies without any payment in terms of the New Companies Act.
  • Any future changes to an existing CC still have to be made with respect of the Close Corporations Act.



Tax return season 2016 is open as of 1st July. Please note the following deadlines:

24-03-2016 – VAT manual submissions and payments

31-03-2016 – VAT electronic submissions and payments

31-03-2016 – Provisional Tax Payments

31-03-2016 – End of the 2015/16 Financial year

07-04-2016 – PAYE submissions and payments

25-04-2016 – VAT manual submissions and payments

29-04-2016 – Provisional Tax Payments

29-04-2016 – VAT electronic submissions and payments

06-05-2016 – PAYE submissions and payments

25-05-2016 – VAT manual submissions and payments

31-05-2016 – VAT electronic submissions and payments

31-05-2016 – Provisional Tax Payments

07-06-2016 – PAYE submissions and payments

24-06-2016 – VAT manual submissions and payments

29-06-2016 – Excise duty payments

30-06-2016 – VAT electronic submissions and payments

30-06-2016 – Provisional Tax Payments




 As a busy entrepreneur, could you do with another few hours every day? All of us could. The problem is that there is no way to manufacture additional hours and our To do Lists are simply not shrinking. You have to learn to work smarter, not harder. 

  • Learn how to prioritize, delegate and outsource
  • Get more organized and save time
  • Scheduling your day

 See the full article at: http://how2forentrepreneurs.com/how-2-save-two-hours-a-day/#sthash.kAjRPExE.dpuf

 HOW2 –  INTERPRET YOUR FINANCIALS (three part series) 

 Whether you are an investor or running your own business you need to understand your financial statements, they are the keys to the company!  They can warn of potential problems, and when used correctly, help determine what a business is really “worth”. 


In this three part series, we will show you that anyone can learn how to read the BIG THREE: The Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement.





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